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Fearless Math for Knitters

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 Math may be a four-letter word, but so is knit!

Don't let your fear of math hold you back from making the most of your knitting experience! Once you see how simple math can free your knitting, you will learn to love math! Well, maybe not, but you will love what it can do for your knitting!

Learn to make yarn substitutions and determine the correct yardage for your project; choose the correct size for your garments; shorten or lengthen a cowl, scarf or wrap; figure how to "increase stitches evenly" across a row; knit a pattern at a different gauge than the pattern calls for; change the sleeve length on a sweater, and more!


Instructor:  LeeAnn Petropoulos

Date:  Saturday, April 2, 2022  1 pm - 2 pm

Location:  Mars Hill University Day Hall room #202