"I Could Make That" - Sweater Hacking Workshop

Have you seen a sweater in a catalog that you really liked and waffled between “I think I could make that” and “I’m not sure I know how to copy it, maybe I should just buy it”?

Waffle no more. We got you.

With this workshop you will learn how to hack a sweater from a catalog or online ad, or duplicate a favorite and well-worn old sweater. In order to do this successfully, you will have to learn:

  • What kind of sweaters are good candidates for hacking
  • How to guess the gauge and fiber content of the original
  • How to choose an appropriate yarn that will provide a similar structure to the garment
  • How to analyze the original to determine what shaping you will include, or alternatively, what changes you will make (eg., if the original has set-in sleeves, will you keep that element or change it to drop shoulders?)
  • How to properly measure yourself and decide on wearing ease based on personal preference and the style of the original
  • Why a couple of rows of gauge swatch measured on the needles IS NOT ENOUGH
  • How to do that thing with numbers (you know, that four-letter-word) that will tell you how many stitches to cast on and how many stitches are involved in shaping
  • How to draw a reference sketch on graph paper that will include all the details you need
  • How to estimate yardage

You will be provided with graph paper, mechanical pencil and eraser, fine point marker and a hand out for later reference. For the first session, you will need to bring a small calculator (or use the one on your phone). After completing the first session, you will need US size 7 or 8 needles (or whatever size gives you a knitted fabric that will work with the design) and DK or worsted weight yarn in the appropriate yardage and fiber.

We will be practicing our new skills by making a sweater based on the one pictured below. Let’s do this!