Yiayia Black Sheep began as a charming little shop in the heart of downtown Mars Hill, NC. The brick and mortar shop closed in June of 2023, but continues to operate online, and Yiayia still teaches classes and hosts knitting groups locally. See our calendar for details.

What's up with that goofy name? Yiayia is Greek for grandmother. Although LeeAnn is not Greek, her husband is, and Yiayia is what her sweet little granddaughters call her. And of course, it's a play on "Baa baa black sheep".

That's the basics, but what is Yiayia really all about? I took the liberty of writing up a manifesto of sorts:


I believe that small, thoughtful producers of yarn are at the very heart of the craft industry. You will take your precious time and skill to craft something beautiful out of your yarns, and you should use supplies that were created with the same care and attention. I also believe that contributing to the livelihood of independent dyers and other small producers is a good thing that not only helps them out, it makes for a more robust industry. Our core collection of yarns comes strictly from these small producers who provide quality natural fiber yarns.
I also believe that we are gifted a precious, short time on this amazing planet, and that we should take care to ensure that we don’t screw it up for our grandchildren and their grandchildren. In this spirit, sustainability is very important. Here you will find organic wool and yarns that include recycled content. There is very little synthetic fiber (with the exception of the nylon in sock yarns, and some of the clearance yarns from the closed shop). Also, when you order a pattern from us, you aren't mailed a paper copy - you will get a pdf delivered to your inbox.

And last, but not least, here at Yiayia Black Sheep, every individual is valued. I have no patience for discrimination or hate speech toward anyone, for any reason.

Here's to a cleaner, more peaceful, more beautiful world.