Leading Men Yarns Are Restocked!

Leading Men Yarns Are Restocked!

there could be anything in there!


This is me when I open a big box of yarn that arrives at the shop. Even though I ordered it and know exactly what's in there.

We joke about being overcome with yarn fumes, but when you rip open a great big box of yarn you get stupid excited, and just maybe it's the fumes from the mordant they use to set the dyes.



That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.  

Leading Men Yarn DisplayThere are not too many things as satisfying as a display chock full of beautiful things.

It reminds me of a lady I used to work for in New Hampshire. She owned a small retail operation, and when the shelves had just been restocked she would step back and admire how satisfying that was. Then someone would come in and buy something off the shelf, and the next time she walked by, she would be like "Gah! I just had this looking so nice!" I would have to remind her that people buying her things is the reason she was in business. She knew, of course, but she still fussed about it. 

We have some new colors, as well as restocking of the old ones. Check out the Show Stopper and Intermission  (fingering), and Callback (sport weight).
We also restocked the gradient sets and we have WAY more colors!

And guess what else we got?!? The kits for the Shawl Games! Yay! And no, you can't see those yet. Be sure you are signed up for the newsletter. Details drop May 8.

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