"Where's Me Jumper?"

"Where's Me Jumper?"

Some things get stuck in your head and take up residence in the basement of your brain. They pop up at really random times and leave you chuckling to yourself while everyone else in the room moves two steps back just in case this is the day you finally snap. 

Today's giggle is "Where's Me Jumper?" 

I started the Ship Shape Sweater from the kits we just put together here at the shop (available online too - Ship Shape Kit). For whatever reason, the phrase "where's me jumper" came up out of the basement for a snack, wandered around a bit and plopped down on the couch, and now I can't get it to leave.

What could that possibly have to do with my sweater? Well of course you know sweaters are known as jumpers in the UK and Ireland (maybe elsewhere, I don't know). Awhile back I watched a few episodes of Moone Boy. It's a really adorable story about a sweet Irish boy and his imaginary friend and all the trouble they get into (and cause). And the opening begins with a little ditty - "Where's Me Jumper?"

Check out the trailer, then go look up the show.

And cast on, because this is a good tv knit. 

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