We're Bonafide!

We're Bonafide!

And yes, that's a weak reference to Oh Brother Where Art Thou (one of my favorite movies). 

But the official sign is up! The hours are posted on the door and we have almost filled the shelves and walls with yarn and notions. Only one more yarn company has yet to arrive.

Mars Hill view

I'm so excited about not only introducing you to our shop, but to our amazing little town. Mars Hill is a charming place, set in the mountains with views from nearly everywhere. This is the view from the Ingles (grocery store) parking lot. I kid you not. Locals are kind and friendly, love a quick chat and are quick to offer help. 

My husband and I moved here 5 years ago, and were immediately welcomed into our neighborhood and community. We have never felt like outsiders, and I have lived in enough little towns to know how unusual that is. This is a special place, and I hope very much to create a special yarn shop here, one that reflects the welcoming and accepting spirit that pervades the whole town.



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As a fiber arts person who loves to spin, knit, crochet and felt, I am very excited about this yarn shop.

Dagmar Haubold

Love the sign and store front! We’re so excited that it’s all coming together for you! The green yarns are gorgeous!💕🧶


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