Waiting for Guffman

Waiting for Guffman

Hysterical movie, but this post really has nothing to do with it. Except that I am waiting. Waiting for shelf dividers, waiting for yarn, waiting for answers.

The waiting for answers is the hardest. I realize now that I am truly invested in the energy of the 21st century. I want the information NOW. I asked you about this 3 days ago, why haven't I heard back? I typed a question into a chat box - what do you mean you will email a response within 24 hours?!?

~~~ deep breath ~~~

OK. Let's turn to the happy making stuff. Y'know...like free stuff!

The grand opening is fast approaching and I am busy planning prizes and demonstrations for the weekend. It's Easter weekend, so maybe we'll even have an Easter Egg hunt!

Glymur by Jennifer Weissman


We will have a drawing for prizes - gift cards and kits! The grand prize is a kit for the Glymur poncho by Jennifer Weissman. It's a great warm weather knit - an elegant layer for cool evenings by the lake or strolling The Biltmore Estate. The kit includes the pattern and 8 balls of Rowan Softyak DK, enough to make the large size.


More happy-making? Yes, please. Bad Sheep Yarn arrived this past week, and it is twisted bliss! That sock yarn in "Northern Lights" (at the top) makes me catch my breath every time I walk by it. I also foresee a cardigan in "Doe" (right) in my future. That beautiful, lightly speckled worsted weight really is the color of the does that wander around my yard and drive my dog insane. On second thought, maybe I should choose another color...

Off to check in more yarn - be sure you are signed up for our newsletter so you won't miss any of the details on the upcoming grand opening!


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