The Joy of Finishing. Except Not Really.

The Joy of Finishing. Except Not Really.

Another local yarn shop recently asked "what makes you happier, starting a project or finishing one?" (I put that in quotes, but I'm actually paraphrasing.) 

I thought "duh, finishing, so I can use my new thing". But I have discovered that it isn't really true. What I feel when I finish something, whether I like it a lot or just feel ambivalent about it, is relief. I know this because I just finished two sweaters this past weekend, and my main source of joy about it was knowing I didn't have to carry the guilt for NOT finishing them anymore.

My husband and I went out for dinner and drinks last night, and I tossed on my new Weekender sweater (my second one from green Remix) and I had a brief moment of satisfaction because I was happy with the look and the fit. But that moment doesn't compare to the joy I get from casting on a brand new project!

Unused yarn for a new project is like a brand new box of crayons - the need to pop it open and see what happens is urgent! That rush you get from working the first few rows and spreading it out to take a look at it is addictive. Keep at it awhile and you get diminishing returns - I might absolutely love it when it's finished, but that utter joy I get from beginning, that will never come again.

Maybe I'm a little more blasé about this recent round of finishing because I finished the first Weekender sweater (the one I knit for our KAL) and immediately dove right into a second one. I never do that. I seldom make something twice (except for the Talcott sweater - I have made 5 so far with another on the needles), but this is the first time in the 35 +/- years I have been knitting that I started a second one immediately. No kidding!

So how about you? Begin or finish? Add a comment and tell me about what gives you the rush. 




Talcott #6 

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I am on that same page with you! There isn’t anything that is more fun and exciting than the planning and casting on of a new highly anticipated project. It’s very addictive. We love the results to wear for sure but I don’t know… It isn’t as big a deal to finish. I am even glad to be done just to be DONE sometimes!


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