Sometimes You're the Louisville Slugger, Sometimes You're the Ball

Sometimes You're the Louisville Slugger, Sometimes You're the Ball

This week I have mostly been the ball. It's been a rough week, both personally and professionally. My son spent a couple of days in the hospital (he's fine now, thanks), my daughter's cat ate a foam mat and had to have surgery to remove it (he seems fine now too), and my car spent a couple of days in the repair shop. 

And then there was my EPIC battle with Fed Ex. They seem to be deliberately futzing up my deliveries just to amuse themselves. They try to deliver around 8 am (I will NOT be there at 8 am. EVER. They know this) - they might try to deliver again the next day, they might not. Last week they left me a door tag with a tracking number THAT THEY DIDN'T ENTER INTO THE SYSTEM. And just try getting a human being on the phone. Go ahead. I'll wait.....

I hopefully have that issue straightened out (if they actually do what they said they would), but the thing that nearly did me in was when 'a company that shall not be named' emailed to say that my dyed-to-order shipment (that I had ordered in early January) wouldn't be available until May. This was a really big order and was going to leave a HUGE hole in my inventory. Many emails and an international phone call later, and the entire order had to be cancelled and I was left searching for a replacement for that hand dyed loveliness.

And that's when I became the Louisville Slugger. In fact, I think I hit this one out of the park. Leading Men Fiber Arts is picking up the slack with some gorgeous hand dyed yarns (including mini-skeins! yay!). Not only are the colors gorgeous but the names they give them are hysterical. Drag Queen, Don't Fear the Reaper, Smell My Feet (lol, I didn't order that one) - they clearly have my sense of humor. It's all going to be ok.



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Thanks Barbara! So glad you were able to stop by early. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


Glad your Grand opening was a success! really enjoyed reading your postings,the good and the unfortunate. Congratulations

Barbara Miles

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