Shawl's Well That Ends Well

Shawl's Well That Ends Well

The first in the Game of Shawls series is a wrap (hahaha - see what I did there?).

For anyone reading this who might be unfamiliar with the rules, you draw a card, then find the corresponding stitch pattern in the booklet. When you finish working the section, draw another card and work that one. Not all the sections are the same length, so it's impossible to say how many sections you might work. Here is what I ended up with, for what it's worth:

I used the Country Road kit put together for us by Leading Men Fiber Arts. These kits were a total of 1,389 yards. What I had left of the brown was 59g (approx. 273 yds), 15g of the variegated (69 yds), and 6g of the blue (28 yds). I actually cut the last section (done in the blue) down from 28 rows to 14 because I was sick of it worried about running out. This photo shows you what was left with the business card for scale. I ended up working 14 different sections (well, 13.5 sections) not counting the set up and finishing sections.

After blocking, I measured the length from point to point (diagonally) and got 90 inches. Straight across was 16 inches. 

I should have photographed this right after blocking, but it had been hanging on the mannequin for a couple of days and is a bit stretched in spots.

So let's have some pics of your finished shawl! Email a photo to (brownie points if it's a photo of you wearing it!)

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