"Seasonal" Knitting

"Seasonal" Knitting

I used to think of "seasonal" knitting as working on warm and heavy projects during the cold months, or knitting with lightweight cotton in the summer. It made sense to me that you don't want to sweat under heavy wool in August, and that January is the perfect time to crank out a wool blanket.

However, over the years, I have changed how I look at it. 

Part of the reason I'm pondering this now is that today is February 7 and it was in the 60s and sunny today. It's one of those days outside of its season that scrambles the neurons a little bit and makes me want to dig out my light cotton sweaters. But I began to think about those cotton sweaters and wonder if I will have anything new to wear when the weather warms up for good.

I made mittens for my daughters-in-law for Christmas and planned to make myself a pair when I got back from vacation in January. But somehow the moment had passed - I had to force myself to make those mittens, and when they were done I didn't want them. I put them on display in the shop. I love the pattern and the yarn, so what was my problem?

I had already begun to think about things I wanted to knit to wear this spring and summer. (The hyacinths in the picture might have been the first hint of this shift in perspective). And in order to be able to wear them this spring, I will have to get started on them soon. The daydreaming and scrolling through Ravelry (for hours!) replaced actual knitting time. I added a couple dozen patterns to my favorites list and spent waaaayy too much time trolling the shop and trying to decide which yarns were best suited to which designs.

I am dreaming of a swingy, lightweight cardigan to toss on when the day is cool (I have started the Swingy cardigan by Amy Gunderson 3 times and given up - maybe 4th time is a charm?), a lightweight shawl for aggressively air-conditioned restaurants, a simple shell top of a drapey silk blend for the really warm days.

Meanwhile, knitting the wool projects I have already started keeps me busy and off the streets, although the motivation is hard to come by when I know that I will finish it just in time to store it with my winter clothing.

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