On Slowing Down and Appreciating the Important Things

On Slowing Down and Appreciating the Important Things

September and October always feel so busy. It didn't used to be that way. I remember looking forward to those couple of months after the kids started school when I could finally take a deep breath, shop at stores that had little knick-knacky (breakable) things, and stroll the path by the Back Bay watching leaves fall and listening to the blue jays argue with each other. I spent more time knitting and reading - life in general began to move at a more relaxed pace.

I don't know how it happened. I am tempted to blame it on opening a businesses, but to be perfectly honest, this change of pace began way earlier. And although many people said that the pandemic forced them to slow down and that they hope to never go back to the frenetic pace of pre-COVID, that was when I dove headlong into business planning. Although I was stuck at home, my brain was whirling night and day.

I am just now coming off a weekend that was a complete blur. A blissful blur of faces of loved ones, laughter and wonderful food. My husband and I both turn 60 this fall (his birthday was 3 weeks ago and mine is tomorrow). My amazing daughter arranged a surprise party (all the way from London, I might add!). My kids and their families, in-laws, mother and best friend from Indiana - it was almost too much to take in.

Although I am exhausted and will take several more days to really recover, my heart is full to bursting and this is the perfect beginning to a season of gratitude.

I am resolving to spend more time watching the leaves fall, having conversations with people who make my heart happy, and generally appreciating all the things that make my life a joy. I will pay more attention to my dog (I promise, Remy!). I will watch Red Sox games with my husband (and hopefully there are several more to watch). And of course I will spend more time enjoying my knitting, rather than rushing to finish things to serve as samples in the shop. 

Here's to more fun, more joy, and less stress!

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