My Life As a Color Junkie.

My Life As a Color Junkie.

Hi. My name is Yiayia and I'm a color junkie.

There aren't too many things that make me happier than standing in front of this wall and taking in all those beautiful colors, all jumbled up with no rhyme or reason. I stand in awe of how the different fibers and ways of spinning yarn can have such a big impact on the way a color appears. Greta says the yarn fumes are getting to me. Maybe she's right. That feeling is akin to standing outside after a spring rain, breathing deeply, so maybe there is a little something to that.

I spent 12 years working as a glass mosaic artist in love with color. The way the light would reflect a color differently if you moved ever so slightly to the left, the iridescent glass that appeared to be 5 colors all at once, the colored grout that would enhance the overall look without distracting from the glass colors - it was all magical.

I see the same magic in knitting, especially when you combine two or more yarns in a project. The particular way each yarn is spun will give the yarn its own unique take on a color, even if the fiber content is exactly the same. The combinations are endless, and so is the magic.

Come visit our magical yarn wall and see what I mean.

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