How to do it the hard way.

How to do it the hard way.

I searched high and low for a sales counter for the shop, but most that were available locally were much too large for a shop this small. I found some online that would have worked, but they were of cheap materials and would have to be assembled anyway, so.....

Obviously, I love to create things - I'm a knitter. I also spent 12 years creating mosaic art. So when I wanted something that wasn't readily available, of course I decided to create it!
There is a precedent for this, after all. Many years ago I had an herb nursery and converted an old chicken coop into a garden shop. I re-sided the front of the building, installed new windows, and built the counter for that, so why not build a counter for my yarn shop?

Never mind that 24 years have passed since that little accomplishment. I may not be as strong or capable as I was then, but I am at least twice as stubborn, so I got that goin' for me.

Fifteen raggedy drawings later (at least), I went to the hardware store and came home with most of what I needed. Because every project worth its salt deserves at least three trips. Just me? ok..

Although I only got the basic frame done so far, I'm pretty pleased to have done it with only one pair of hands. It was touch and go there for awhile, though. Also pleased to have ended the day with only one blood blister. Good times....

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Lee Ann, I have FULL confidence that this counter will not only turn out fine, but will have some surprising, creative feature built into it when you are finished!!!


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