For the Love of Artisans

For the Love of Artisans

We have mentioned several times how much we love independent dyers, small batch producers, one-at-a-time craftspeople who put their soul into their products. Wonder what the big deal is?

Before I get into that, I should mention that we are certainly not averse to large yarn companies. They have an important place in the spectrum of crafting supplies. They make products that are very dependable and often (though not always) at a lower price point thanks to their volume of production and sales. Even though there is a strict regularity in the yarn they produce, we still make the finished object unique with our choice of stitches, patterns, and skill level. So again - not knockin' it.

However, there is a specialness to a skein of yarn that you know is truly one of a kind. Indie dyers often have a fluid way with their techniques. That may mean that if you have 5 skeins of a certain colorway in the shop, every one will look a bit different. We find that instead of being a drawback, it's actually a benefit when looking to combine colors for a project. One skein might not quite play nice with that solid blue you choose, but one of the others might be the perfect match! And the ones that weren't - they will be a perfect match for something else.

The colors are incredibly rich and saturated, the combinations of colors in a skein are masterful, and the yarn itself is very high quality. After all, they are creating a piece of art - you wouldn't paint a masterpiece on a piece of cardboard, right? These artists usually dye the yarn to order for shops so that they don't have to keep high levels of inventory on hand. As a result, when we order, we wait. But we are never disappointed when the yarn arrives! It's like Christmas every time we get an order in!


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