Feeling Like Rich Uncle Pennybags

Feeling Like Rich Uncle Pennybags

Bet you didn't know that's the name of the Monopoly man, did you? 

I am a veritable fount of useless information.

Anyway, that's who I have been feeling like this past week. Or rather, who I wish I was! I have been throwing money at yarn companies, at notions suppliers, store supply companies.....and most recently, an artist who makes the most beautiful shawl pins and earrings I have ever seen.

This artist has two different types of shawl pins - one is the traditional circle and pin (like traditional penannular brooches on tartans). These are made of aluminum and are very lightweight, unlike the more traditional brooches. The other style is a magnetic fastener with stunning works of art on top. These pieces are made from hand cut and forged copper that is then hand painted with alcohol inks and glazed for a high gloss finish. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, stunning art. This is not like the heavy clay type I have seen at festivals - they are also quite lightweight so they won't pull your scarf or shawl out of shape.

And speaking of artists - that's one of the things that makes Yiayia Black Sheep a "ewe"nique yarn shop. We want to curate a beautiful collection of yarns and accoutrements that you won't find anywhere else. Here you will find lots of yarns and accessories made by indie artists - folks who give individual attention to every single thing they produce. We will also have basic, quality yarns and notions from larger companies, but we know how unique YOU are, and you need "ewe"nique tools to create your masterpieces.

I can't wait to open the doors and show you all the gorgeous supplies just waiting for your hands to turn them into art! 




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