Biscotte Latte yarn

Biscotte Yarns, our new obsession!

There aren't many yarns that make us swoon - we've been around the block a few times. But oh Lordy! Biscotte Yarns has made us feel like schoolgirls again! The sock yarn colors are

To. Die. For.

The rich, clear colors make you think of gemstones, with just enough variety of light in them to almost sparkle.

And then there is the Latte yarn - made of milk protein and wool, it has the slip of silk and the color depth. Exquisite shawls are in my future! A lacy shawl with beads would be almost Victorian in it's luxury. I think the Windspiel shawl with a sprinkling of beads would be a stunning summer toss-on for those cool mountain evenings at the Grove Park Inn next summer.

Besides fingering weight yummies, we carry Albus and Hagrid (inelegant name, I know, but wait until you hold it in your hands!). Both are worsted weight yarns that knit quickly into shawls or sweaters of unequalled luxury. Albus has a high silk content and a single ply construction, so it is fluffy but still has good stitch definition. Hagrid is the tweed that went to boarding school - colors rich enough for the peerage, but made of superwash merino for the common man. What more could you ask for?

Then of course there is the Metamorph line of yarns - another fingering weight yarn, a gradient with the rich colors common to the other lines. The artful combinations are amazing, and the dyeing process is unique - this is from the company website:

The method that was used to dye this yarn is called "Knit Deknit", meaning that it's a yarn that has been dyed while already mechanically knitted - and when out of the dye room, it has been "deknitted" and wound in a cake. The color of the yarn is more "airy" and it's softer to the touch.

We think you will fall in love with this company just as we have. Come see them at the grand opening April 2 & 3 - check out the yarns and see some samples made with them. And then just try to walk out with out buying some....





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