Here we go...

Here we go...

The little seed that was planted some time last year is beginning to break through the soil. The idea for a yarn shop in my little town has slumbered in a fertile imagination for months, and now is stretching for the sun.

The space has been chosen, the vendors have been contacted, orders are being compiled. So much to do. Although it's not exactly that there is so much to's that there is SO MUCH to decide.

Choosing which yarn companies to carry, which yarns, how to display them, what website, email system, bank, insurance company, sign maker - it truly makes the head spin. And no, it doesn't all have to be perfect to begin. But I seriously need a good plan first.

Back in 2015 I joined The Knitting Diva in Woodfin, NC. I loved that yarn store! There was an amazing variety of yarns to choose from, lots of regular customers that brought sunshine inside with them every time they visited, and wonderful co-workers. It was probably the only job I ever held that I never once woke up and said to myself "Ugh. I don't want to go to work today."

I intend to create that kind of an atmosphere at Yiayia Black Sheep as well - a place where my employees will enjoy working, customers will feel truly appreciated, and everyone will want to reflect that happiness back into the community. 

So here's to a new beginning...




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