Wild Iris in Bad Sheep Sock Yarn

A Dose of Zen

If you have been in the shop, you have probably heard me rhapsodize about Bad Sheep Yarns. The colors are stunning, the combinations are truly artful, and the customer service has been out of this world (take THAT, Plymouth Yarns).

But that's not even the coolest part of this company - these yarns are all dyed by Marcie in North Pole, Alaska. No kidding. One amazing woman in the far reaches of the US produces all this beauty.

Just today I ran across this video - her father-in-law has a YouTube channel and he filmed her going about her daily business - sorting and preparing yarn for dyeing, putting the colors very carefully into the dye bath, and cleaning and finishing the yarn. It's a long video, but I couldn't break away - the zen of watching her work without commentary was hypnotic. Toward the end of the video there is conversation and some explanation, but my favorite part was just watching her....do.

Watch this and see if you don't agree.

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Fascinating video. I always wondered just how this works – easier to understand the video than to read about it. Thanks.

Jill Cleveland

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